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Torsgatan 40
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Questions and answers

How long is the delivery time?

We aim to be able to deliver all lamps approximately 7-10 working days after ordering. But depending on whether we have your particular lamp in stock or if it has to be ordered, the delivery time is usually between 1-3 weeks.

How are the lamps delivered?

We always send lamps with delivery directly to the door. We use FedEx or DHL. They are sent either from our warehouse in Stockholm or directly from Italy. All lamps are well packaged with bubble wrap and styrofoam.

How are the Murano lamps made?

The lamps are newly produced unless otherwise stated. All glasses are quality checked before they are delivered to the customer. The glasses are made in and around Murano by glass masters who have many years of experience.

Can I see the lights anywhere?

We have a showroom in the center of Stockholm where you can book an appointment to come and look at the different models, colors and glass that are available. We have many models on site but also all the different glass and colors available. You can email us at to book an appointment. It is also possible to borrow glasses, subject to availability.

Can you design your own lamp?

It's fine! Many of our lamps can be special ordered. We also have different frames to choose from. You can also mix the colors of the glasses! Email us to make your own design and for more price information:

How should the ceiling light be hung?

It is important that the hook holds the weight of the lamp. Sometimes you need to replace the roof hook with one that can withstand a higher weight. We always recommend that you use the help of an electrician to install the lamp and ensure that the lamp hangs correctly and securely.